Catalano Brothers enjoying the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

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The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour heads to Stafford Motor Speedway this weekend for the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler. The Catalano brothers Tommy and Timmy out of Ontario, NY are racing on the tour this season.

Tommy won the rookie of the year last year on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. Timmy is running for rookie of the year on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season.

Tommy Catalano told 22News that having a two-car team on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is huge.

“Not only does it bring the whole family team aspect a little bit more but it also gives us another car to work with and some data to gather so hopefully it will help us in the long run. It’s cool running against your brother especially on this level. Hopefully, it will be another good year,” said Tommy.

After each practice, Tommy and Timmy will talk after practice about what line to use and what both of their cars are doing and where they are at and adjustments that need to be made along with trying to help each other out a little bit.

Timmy Catalano told 22News what this meant for him to run on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season with his brother.

“It’s really awesome. Not a lot of people get to experience that. Having not only a mentor and a brother but also a great competitor. We strive to beat each other week in and week out. He’s (Tommy) still giving me tips every week to help me get better as a driver and to help me succeed on the tour,” said Timmy.

In the first few races on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season, Timmy has learned the competition is pretty stiff all the way around.

“Whether you qualify good or not, your running with good cars all the time. You really have to step up your game and you run hard all the time just to keep up and compete. It’s been a lot of fun in that matter but we still have a lot to learn,” said Timmy.

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams have had to use social media to find crew help for this season before race weekend.

“It’s obviously stressful. You know you have to bring people to the track that can help you succeed week in and week out. It dawns on you a little bit when you’re short and you need someone in a pinch. Luckily we have a lot of great friends great people who have stepped up for us in a lot of great ways. We’re still looking for those people to fill in full time like we have some people that want to come week in and week out and help,” said Timmy.

“That’s pretty big. That’s the biggest thing is the crew help. Doesn’t necessarily have to be experience crew help That helps but you know if it’s someone that is willing to learn and willing to be committed for the whole year. It makes it a lot easier because you can work with that person and help them and train them and practice with them. That’s the biggest thing is you just gotta have someone that is eager to learn and committed to do the whole year and right now we’ve got a few of them guys and were just hoping to get a few more before the end of the year have two solid teams,” said Tommy/

The Catalano family loves racing.  Tommy and Timmy’s mother Amy races and it’s her dream to race on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. Tommy has been working on getting marketing partners so that their mother can have a chance to race on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

“I’ve been looking more for marketing partners for her than I am for myself right now. Be cool even if it’s just for a few races to get her out here. Hopefully before the end of the year with some additional help and get her out here and a third car out here. One of the biggest things is getting enough crew help not even as far as the money goes but the crew help is the big part of it too. If we can get them two things hopefully she will be out here before the end of the year,” said Tommy.

“It’s tough. My mom has always wanted to do this. It’s been a dream of hers. She’s on the radio with me every week spotting for me. We really have a good relationship. She really helps me on the radio and we see success together a lot of times. We will be excited after a race. Obviously, if we can find a couple more people to help with the finances. We love to bring her out and have her race right there side by side with us. That would obviously be the dream to have three cars together. Hopefully the end of the year we can make that happen,” said Timmy.

To have the whole family together is special for them.

The NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler 200 lap NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race will take place this Sunday along with the SK Modifieds Late Models and SK Lights. Race time for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will take place at approximately 3:30 p.m. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will practice and qualify on Saturday.

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