East Longmeadow’s Tom Fearn has stellar 2018 late model championship run at Stafford

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East Longmeadow’s Tom Fearn had a stellar season en route to winning the 2018 Late Model Championship at Stafford Motor Speedway. Fearn won 12 out of 21 races this year in the Late Model division. Fearn told 22News that the season was pretty incredible and never thought that he or his team would ever come out of a season like that. 

” It was just being prepared every week. I got a great crew. That helps keep the car prepared and my wife spotting. Got great sponsors with King Ward Coach Line, and SAFECO Foam, Sun Valley Fire Equipment, Whips Sporting Goods, and JR Sweeping.” Said Fearn 

Fearn didn’t expect to have 12 wins this season. 

” They changed our tire compounds this year. We made a bunch of changes to the car after our first practice day. Man, the changes we made really made the car come to life. I know other guys struggled with it. Some of the other guys took quite a few weeks to get it even close. We were just able to capitalize on the new tire and being prepared to make the car go with that tire.” Said Fearn 

For the Fall Final, there was the PJ1 surface added onto the track and it was the third time that it was done

” Us as racers we knew all about it or at least my team did. It was mostly added in the upper groove which really benefited I’d say the SK’s and SK Lites more than anybody. The Late Models it’s really tough to run on the outside there and a lot of times your not even up in that lane. I don’t think it helped us or hurt us.  I am sure it gets brought onto other parts of the track as guys run through it. Overall I am sure it helped.” Said Fearn.

For Fearn, this is eighth championship overall between Stafford and the old Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam. He won three at Riverside with back to back championships in the Late Models back in 1988 and 1989 and in the Pro Stocks in 1992. . This is his fifth championship at Stafford. He won the Late Model championship back in 2016 along with three in the Pro Stocks back in 1993, 1995, and 1998. 

The biggest down of the season for Fearn was during the Fall Final. He had a leak in the right front tire. He just drove around was hoping for a caution and it never came out. He pitted under green and lost a few laps. He got back on the track. 

” We were just as good as anybody out there. It’s too bad things went down that way. We had very good luck all year long as far as no broken parts or any flat tires or any failures. I guess for it to all happen in the last race. It’s just one of those things. You can’t take anything away from those 12 wins. When your winning and your finishing every lap it means you got a good car, good crew, and good preparation.” Said Fearn 

Fearn will be honored at the 2018 Stafford Motor Speedway Awards Banquet on Friday night. 

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