NEW YORK (WWLP) – It’s been 24 hours now since Aaron Judge made history, sending his 62nd home run of the season into the left field seats of Globe Life Field. While Yankee fans celebrate a new franchise record, the team is still chasing down the ball.

It’s a catch that could change on fan’s life but they have some decisions to make. Home Run Balls are the cream of the crop in sports collectibles and everyone wants to cash in.

Number 62, the most home runs hit by an American League player in a single season since Roger Maris 61 years ago and the most we’ve seen by any player since Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa captivated baseball fans in the summer of 2001.

Cory Youmans met destiny Tuesday night seated in the front row of left field at Globe Life Field, part of the largest crowd at the park since it was built three years ago. He caught the historic home run ball, which could be a solid retirement plan if he decides to cash in. Already, the President of Memory Lane Inc, a sports memorabilia auction house, has offered Youmans $2 million for the ball.

If he takes that number, it would be the second most expensive baseball ever sold behind Mark McQuire’s 70th home run ball from 1998, fetching $3 million making it the most money ever paid for a sports artifact. No other ball has sold for more than $805,000.

At this point, Youmans still hasn’t replied. Judge said after the game he would like to have the ball back but added it was a souvenir for a fan who made a great catch. Youmans was escorted by security from his seat to get the ball authenticated and said he hadn’t thought about what he will do with it.

Judge’s 60th home run was returned to the team in exchange for a meet and greet with the Yankee slugger, four signed baseballs and a signed game bat. Number 61 landed in the bullpen and was returned to Judge who gave it to his mother.