FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (WWLP) – Patriots fans are fired up for a number of reasons as the first official week of football kicks off on Sunday, The Philadelphia Eagles are in town to open the season.

The renovations to the lighthouse and video wall are complete and Tom Brady is in the building, ready to have his accomplishments celebrated officially for the first time.

Sunday’s forecast called for steady rain all day in Foxborough, but that didn’t dampen the spirit of fans. The first tailgate of the year was spirited for gameday.

Once fans got inside, they got their first look at the new massive jumbotron. And, a special event for fans, during halftime the team will officially honor Brady for all his unbelievable accomplishments with the team.

22News asked fans pre-game what some of their favorite memories from his career are.

“It’s gotta be the Falcons Super Bowl,” said Nick Graham, a Springfield native who traveled from Houston.

“It’s gotta be the tuck game,” added Kevin Mkenna of Holyoke. “We were there. He was cold, he was 13 and I said we are not leaving. His career transcended our lives.”

All that pre-game energy would be undone early.
A pick-six and a fumble inside the Philadelphia red zone put the visitors up 16-0 in the first quarter.

New England rallied back in the second, though, just a two-point deficit heading into the halftime tribute ceremony. It was a heartfelt thank you from the franchise and fans. Brady himself took the podium. Fans afterward said that’s what they would remember.

“Tom Brady speaking the way he did getting the fans involved. I love him. Good guy,” expressed one Patriots Fan.

It all played out in front of a fresh backdrop, renovations to the north end of the stadium are now complete.
In the end, the Patriots had a shot. 4th and 11 with 32 left, and Mac Jones is looking for his rookie. Ruled a catch on the field for a game-extending first down. But another look reveals just one foot in bounds, that’s a turnover on downs, and an Eagles win. Plenty to cheer and jeer for the Foxborough faithful in week 1. Miami comes to town to open divisional play next week.

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