First year for Skowyra/Williams in the SK Modified Divison earns them a championship at Stafford


Palmer’s Adam Skowyra celebrated his first championship as a car owner in the SK Modified division with Ronnie Williams out of Ellington, CT.  Skowyra told 22News it’s a great deal to win the SK Modified championship this past season at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

” I’ve been waiting a lot of years to get it and to go into it with a first-year driver like that. You hoped you contend for a championship. Your odds are kind of stacked against you.  He’s (Williams) learning me. I am learning him. He’s learned the whole team and they all learned him as well.  To keep it in the back of your head you hope and wish you could run for the championship. Your odds are stacked against you. To be able to come out on top and do that was a huge deal for us.” Said Skowyra 

From day one when Williams started racing for Skowyra. it clicked off for them and Skowyra thought it was 100 times better than he thought it even would be. 

Skowyra thought Williams did the best he could driving the car. They talked at the beginning of the year about winning a championship as they wanted to do it together and the team stayed focus on it all year long. 

” We didn’t get caught up in anyone else’s drama or anything like that. Ronnie stayed focus on that goal all year long and he was able to pull it off.” Said Skowyra 

Keith Rocco went on a winning streak at the beginning of the season and was the car to beat. The team was not nervous as Williams would finish second to Rocco three or four times right in the beginning of the season. With Williams driving for a new team in the SK Modifieds, it took him a couple weeks to learn the car and once they got it figured it out, they went on a tear. The turn of the season is when Williams won the NAPA Auto Parts 5K SK Modified race. They went on to get podium finishes and had a good summer stretch. 

Ronnie Williams and his spotter knew were basically saying and the entire time was got to keep doing what they were doing. They kept on finishing second and finishing third 

” We had that one bad race. It is what it is. I think we showed what we had and all those consistent finishes paid off at the end. Keith (Rocco) didn’t have it at the end those consistent finishes. But finishing one, two nine times. That’s pretty good if you ask me.” Said Williams 

For being a small family team, it’s huge for Skowyra to win the SK Modified championship. Most of the team Skowyra has had have been with the team since day one. Some new crew members came along the way and they haven’t had any crew members leave. 

” It’s a family thing. My in-laws are involved as well as my father. It’s huge. It makes it that more special to be able to pull that off when it’s just a small family team.” Said Skowyra 

Ronnie Williams told 22News he thought the championship was special with everything the team went through and then to have a driver change. At the beginning of the year, the plan was to go out and win races and wanted to be able to win the championship. 

” To be able to put our words into action and do that is pretty awesome especially for these guys.” Said Williams 

Williams believes the SK Modified competition is always tough at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

” Whenever you go to Stafford, you got 40 laps to make it happen. We probably started around 12th every week. Avoiding those little wrecks. Just doing those small things to get you to the end. We did that really well this year.” Said Williams 

Williams was very surprised to get the phone call from Skowyra to drive the car this season. Williams talked to his parents about it. Williams drove for a family-based team. Williams thought this year the combination worked very well.  Williams feels that they all are a family now. 

Williams is from Ellington, CT and lives a mile from the track. He’s been going to Stafford Motor Speedway on Friday night since he was born. He would sit up in turn 4 thinking he could against the drivers on Friday nights at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

This is the first championship for Williams. He always has had wins at the Connecticut half-mile oval. 

Williams will be back to defend the title with Skowyra in the SK Modifieds in 2019. Williams and Skowyra will be honored at the 2018 Stafford Motor Speedway Awards Banquet on Friday night. 

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