Goodale plans to turn racing program around on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour


Eric Goodale will be making a return to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season. He was bummed about not going to New Smyrna Speedway or Bronson Speedway for Speedweeks.

Goodale told 22News that his team was making some changes to their race program for the 2019 season where he will be focusing on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and hope to be hunting trophies by the end of the year. He is excited to get back on board with his team again as it’s been a long winter. A lot of work was getting done during the offseason. Goodale will also be committing to the Stafford Open Comp 80 races as there will be three of them this year. Goodale will also see what will happen with the American Modified Tour for this year. 

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour started their 2019 on Saturday with the first three races in four weeks of the season. The tour will also head back to South Boston Speedway and Wall Stadium after a hiatus. 

“One of the bummers about years past is that you start off slow and you have weeks in between races and I don’t know it feels like it takes forever to get the season started but this year action packed. We got two of our first three races down south. I am excited to go back to South Boston. I ran there on the Southern Whelen Modified Tour. Ran pretty good. I think we finished second or third there. Hopefully, it will give us an edge on some of the guys who maybe have not been there,” said Goodale. 

Goodale felt he had his best outing at Loudon last year for their race program. Goodale would like to back it up and have two good runs there this year. Goodale showed a lot of speed at the Magic Mile last year. He runs consistently well at Stafford. He had two major issues at the race at Stafford during the 2018 season. He’s consistently bringing fast race cars there. Where Goodale would like to see the growth is at Thompson. 

“We really need to find another tenth there and be able to compete and finish in the top five there which we haven’t been able to do,” said Goodale. 

The Musket 250 will make a return to New Hampshire Motor Speedway this fall. It will be the longest race on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. 

“My team certainly didn’t have the best strategy which really hampered us. One of the coolest things was in the middle of that race. I found myself racing really hard with Burt Myers with Doug Coby right in the mix for the lucky dog. At the time, it didn’t mean anything. We didn’t know when it was happening. We were battling really hard I think for 11th or 12th for about 20-25 laps. It just goes to show the dynamic of that race. The race was 250 laps long. Between 30 laps we were battling for the lucky dog just because of the situation with pit stops and green flag stops. It was just really a cool dynamic to it. It was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be boring for 100 laps but with all the different strategies and everything going on. It ended up being pretty good. I am excited to go back there and attack it a little differently and hopefully have the same amount of speed,” said Goodale.

Goodale told 22News that he will take a win anywhere at this point. Riverhead is a little bit extra special for him because he was born in the area and would go to Riverhead Raceway where he got hooked on racing. 

“It would certainly be a task that would feel pretty damn good if we were able to overcome this year. The last couple races there we have been horrendous. Riverhead is another track that we need to get our program back on track. If we can get a win there, we certainly be headed in the right direction for sure,” said Goodale. 

The goals for Goodale heading into 2019 will be holding the trophy at the end of the year on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour where he would like to win the championship in which that’s the ultimate goal.  Goodale is going for wins this year. He would be satisfied if he had three or four wins this year and didn’t win the championship.  He would also be thrilled to win the championship and didn’t win a race. 

“We’re just going to go out there and put together the best race we can one race at a time and hopefully come home with some checkered flags at the end of it,” said Goodale.

Goodale finished ninth in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season opener on Saturday at Myrtle Beach Speedway. 

The next event for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will be held at South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA on Saturday, March 30. 

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