Hirschman wins 2018 Tri-Track Open Modified Series Championship


Matt Hirschman out of Northampton, PA clinched the 2018 Tri-Track Open Modified Series championship last weekend at Seekonk Speedway. Hirschman told 22News that this year was tougher than last year by far in terms of the results. 

” Last year we swept the season and won every race. I said it many times I really think we should’ve won two of the four races like those are races we should’ve won and we put ourselves in the right position and were able to capitalize and ended up winning all four of them.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman felt this year the competition really stepped up in the Tri-Track Open Modified Series. Hirschman won the final race last weekend at Seekonk Speedway in the Haunted Hundred and clinched the championship. Hirschman had top-three finishes during all four Tri-Track Open Modified Series races. 

At Seekonk last weekend, there were over 40 modifieds trying to qualify. Hirschman told 22News when you go to a Tri-Track race, nothing is a guarantee. 

” The qualifying is competitive. So you’re really putting the best of the best in the field. This year four different drivers won the four different races. From one extreme to another from last year where we won them all. That’s just kind of how the racing game goes. I don’t think we were the fastest car and should’ve won all four races last year but we put ourselves in the right place to do that and this year we kind of did the same thing.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman felt that he didn’t have enough speed in the first few races to go out and win it but he had it at Seekonk last Sunday where it definitely came at the right time.  Hirschman took a provisional and he was the third driver available to get a provisional. Hirschman felt it had some risks. Once the consi came, Hirschman was guaranteed the provisional. 

” I feel like I earned that provisional and I elected to take it. I wasn’t going to risk wrecking my car when I knew I was guaranteed to start. I didn’t mind starting last. I’ve won races in just every way you possibly could. Won from the pole. I’ve won from all throughout the field and I’ve already won from probably dead last.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman felt it was worth taking a risk to just starting scratch and had 100 laps to get it done. He knew had it available to him. 

” You can only get one a year and it was the last race of the year anyway. It’s a chance I took. It easily could of backfired but because it didn’t and we ended up winning the race. It’s kind of the big topic of conversation. I am used to that kind of stuff. Had it backfired on me, some people would’ve said a foolish thing to do or a dumb thing to do but because it didn’t and we capitalized on it. It certainly has everyone talking.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman had a good started during Speedweeks at New Smyrna Speedway where he won the Modified championship down there. He won a couple races down there. The winning streak started on Labor Day Weekend. He won an ROC (Race Of Champions) modified race at Spencer Speedway and then next night won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Oswego Speedway.   He won the Race of Champions 250 at Lake Erie Speedway in Pennsylvania. 

Hirschman told 22News that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series was a great thing from the start. The car counts were there immediately and the car counts stayed there. He feels that scheduling is important. 

” Where the races fall on the calendar. What else is going on? You have to be careful I think. You can only have a certain amount of these races a year. I think really between three and five I think is that magic number. I think initially it started out as three and that’s why it was called the Tri-Track Series. It was a race at three different tracks.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman feels it needs to continue to be what it has and that it’s really a special event series where there once a year races at these venues and there be put on the right place on the calendar where it will continue to draw good fields of cars. Hirschman believes that the series has a product to sell. The races are competitive. The qualifying is competitive and Hirschman believes that they are held at the right tracks. 

” Doing what they’re doing what you try to do when you blend all these cars together. The bigger the tracks get it just doesn’t work. Other tracks like Stafford and Thompson are great venues but it’s not the right place for this series because then it’s going to be hard to equalize the competition where the short tracks themselves, for the most part, equalize the competition. There not tracks where horsepower means a whole lot. Basically handling and tires and going out racing. It’s not one down the straightaway. It’s one through the corners and just good short track modified racing.” Said Hirschman 

Hirschman will have three more races as he heads down to North Carolina next weekend for the North-South Shootout at Concord Speedway followed by Myrtle Beach Speedway and then will race in the Turkey Derby at Wall Stadium Speedway. 

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