ISMA teams test at Monadnock Speedway


Dan Bowes and Timmy Jedrzejek came and practiced at the Monadnock Speedway on Saturday in preparation for the CARQUEST Genden Auto Parts 75 presented by T-Bird Mini Marts coming on Saturday, May 19.  Monadnock Speedway track announcer Dave Sutherland told the crowd in attendance at the season opener on Saturday that it will be the first time since 1976 that the Supermodifieds have raced on the New Hampshire quarter-mile oval. 

Timmy Jedrzejek came all the way out from Ohio for the practice session.  His car owner Howie Lane is from Essex, MA.  Jedrzejek told 22News that he thought the track was a tricky little place as everyone told him it would. 

” First time on the track, Three, four sloppy laps trying to figure out where I should be and where I shouldn’t be. I think we settled in the last couple laps out there as far as little comfort in the car.” Jedrzejek Said.

Jedrzejek thinks there will be some passing when this event takes place on May 19. 

” I mean it is a small place. It is tight but anytime the supers seem to go somewhere, tight little track whether its Star or Lee or Waterford. Any quarter mile that they have run in the past. We always find a way to get around the guys in front of us or guys getting around you from behind. It will be exciting.” Jedrzejek Said.

Jedrzejek did go and watch Valenti Modified Racing Series practice to try to get a good idea of what line everyone was running. 

” There’s two different ends of the track. From what I’ve watched. I tried to put to work a little bit out there. So far so good.” Jedrzejek Said.

Dan Bowes learned that Monadnock is very bumpy. He told 22News that when he got to the track that he had a bump stop setup in the car.  He saw the first Valenti Modified Racing Series practice and Bowes and the team decided to go to more of a conventional setup. 

” I think it was the way to go. We run these cars so low to the ground. We thought with the bump stops, it would of been a little too erratic.” Bowes Said.

Bowes did about 10 laps and he was trying to figure out the line during the practice session. Bowes felt pretty good after the first practice.  

” The two turns are a little different. I feel like I was getting around one and two pretty good. Three and four I need to work on for sure. I think it’s probably going to race pretty good. Its a tight little track.” Bowes Said.

Bowes thought that turns 1 and 2 had two decent grooves. He thinks that the ISMA Supers will be able to race side by side. Bowes thought it was a huge advantage to see the track before some of the other drivers Bowes definitely learned a lot in the 10 laps about what may be the team wants to come back with. 

The Monadnock Speedway NASCAR Whelen All American Series divisions will be apart of the program with the ISMA Supermodifieds on Saturday, May 19.  

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