Last lap pass: Keith Rocco goes back to back in the SK Modifieds at Stafford


Keith Rocco celebrates the win (Photo Courtesy of Dick Ayers/Ayers Racing Images)

STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT (WWLP) – Keith Rocco used a last-lap pass on Todd Owen in turn 1 to win the 40 lap SK Modified feature on Friday night at Stafford.

Owen passed Mike Christopher, Jr, and Rocco with seven laps to go. Rocco would be on the back bumper of Owen with five laps remaining. Rocco would use the bumper to Owen in turn 1 and move him up the track to go on and win the 40 lap SK Modified race. Rocco would talk about his win to 22News.

“I was just doing everything I could to get by him. He was doing everything he could to protect the lead. I get a good run off of (turn)four and he kind of binds me down in the bottom a little bit. There’s two laps to go. You gotta try something and I tried shoving him down in the corner. I didn’t mean to push him that high. What are you gonna do? That’s racing,” Rocco said. 

Woody Pitkat finished in second. He talked about the finish to 22News.

“This car here it just needs a long run. The last two weeks with us not racing for so long, Everyone so fired up and high strung. Cautions breeds cautions. If I could get a 14 or 16 lap run. I think I would be alright. Every time a caution would come out I just got killed. I saw them get dicey. Michael (Christopher) looked like he was pretty free. Maybe I was going to get him. I don’t know what happened down there in one and two. Todd (Owen) was leading and it looked like he was break checking Keith (Rocco) and they just both went up the hill so I tried to cut it and get underneath. Hats off to these guys. Hats off to Keith for winning again. I am just here to have fun and try to race clean,” Pitkat said. 

Mike Christopher, Jr finished the race in third. He talked about his race to 22News.

“Started out great. Got the lead. Led some laps. Thank god we had a good transmission. Shifted great at the end but just got too tight.  Crazy battle at the end,” Christopher, Jr. said.

Todd Owen would finish in fifth. He gave his version of the last lap to 22News.

“I just don’t understand why racing has to be like that. Maybe I am just old school. I got a lot of respect for Keith. I got respect for what he does and how hard he works. I never have done that to him. Never push him in the corner. I don’t race like that. It probably cost me a lot of wins in my day. He’s done that to me three times. He always says he likes racing me but I don’t think that’s racing. The world is full of different people, right?” Owen said.

Mikey Flynn out of Hampden finished in 10th. Tyler Leary out of Hatfield finished in 11th. Glen Reen out of Wilbraham finished in 17th and Dan Wesson out of Monson finished in 27th.

Stafford will be back in action on Friday night.  

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