(WCMH) — The NFL’s Week 14 on “Sunday Night Football” might be of special interest for fans of the Buckeyes, as former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields will travel with his Chicago Bears to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers.

Currently, Green Bay is in first place in the NFC North with nine wins and only three losses. Chicago, also in the NFC North, has not had such a good season, with just four wins and eight losses.

For the Bears, this week will be the return of Fields who has been out since Week 11 with three cracked ribs. While Fields’ OSU legacy, which made him a first-round draft pick, is undeniable, his greatness in the NFL has yet to be realized. The team has won just two games with him in the starting position and experienced a painful string of five losses before his injury.

Fields’ first trip to Lambeau Field could prove challenging, but if things go well, the 22-year-old’s season could turn around and the team will be set to enjoy an easier schedule with their last four games.

On the Packers’ side, star QB Aaron Rodgers is expected to play as the team returns from a bye week and his fractured pinky toe has benefited from the rest.

The Packers have also managed to dominate this year, even with key players missing at various times throughout the season, including left tackle David Bakhtiari, outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith and cornerback Jaire Alexander. While the return of all three of these All-Pro players is unlikely this week, getting them back on the roster before the end of the season could help in the team’s bid for the Super Bowl.

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