New England Patriots special teams ace Brenden Schooler had a hilarious admission about his epic blocked field goal in Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.

If you missed it, Schooler started near the sideline rather than in formation, then sprinted along the line of scrimmage to get a running start and sneak past the Dolphins’ field goal protection unit to easily block Jason Sanders’s kick. The play seemed like a true Bill Belichick special, and one teams around the league will likely attempt to copy after it worked so brilliantly.

Meanwhile, Schooler has been reveling in his newfound fame. He told Fox Sports on Wednesday a hysterical story about an interaction with his mom following the now-famous play.

"My mom sent a video of the block yesterday and said, 'I still can't believe this happened.' And I said, ‘S---, me neither,’" Schooler said.

Schooler took fans through the leadup to the play. The concept was introduced Wednesday before practice, deployed against the Patriots kicking unit Friday and eventually greenlit for Sunday. Everything was discussed, from exactly where to set up depending on which hash the ball was being kicked from to which foot to lead with. But when the play began, Schooler jokes he “kind of blacked out” and just made a play.

This likely won’t be the last unique way a Belichick team looks to gain an edge. The rest of the NFL may also try to replicate Schooler’s play, though teams around the league will be ready for it this time.

“We'll see a lot of teams going silent count and going on two to kind of deter that from happening, but I think someone's going to try it,” Schooler said.