Plenty of NBA fans were confused by the ending of Game 6 between the Heat and Celtics

After a late foul from Al Horford during a Jimmy Butler three-point attempt, officials reviewed the play and awarded the Miami forward three free throws. Additionally, the referees added 0.9 seconds back to the clock, leaving Boston with 3.0 seconds to save their season.

Of course, they managed to do just that, as Derrick White tipped in a missed jump shot from Marcus Smart to lift Boston over Miami, 104–103. 

Fans were up in arms over the decision to add 0.9 seconds back to the clock, time which ended up being invaluable for the Celtics. Amid the confusion, the NBA released its official Last Two-Minute Report on Sunday which detailed the referees’ decision and confirmed it to have been the correct course of action.

“Replay review of the foul called on Horford (BOS) pursuant to a coach’s challenge was deemed unsuccessful,” it said. “Horford (BOS) made contact with Butler (MIA) during his shooting motion and a foul was warranted. During the review, the Replay Center Official also determined that i) the foul occurred at 3.0 seconds and adjusted the clock accordingly; and ii) Butler’s shot attempt was taken from behind the three-point line, and therefore three free throws were awarded.”

The league indicated that the officials were correct in their judgment that Horford did in fact foul Butler, and the 3.0 seconds put on the clock were accurate based on the time Butler was fouled.

Game 7 begins at 8:30 ET on Monday at TD Garden.