Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who remains in contract limbo with the team, took to Twitter on Tuesday night to dispel reports that he sat out the team’s last five games to preserve his free agency value.

Jackson, who suffered a PCL injury in a Week 13 game against the Broncos, missed the rest of the season with the injury—though some believed he was healthy enough to play down the stretch.

“All in All I love you all,” Jackson’s tweet began. “Don’t ever think I have an attitude speaking on the net. Only if we losing I don’t know anyone who smiles after losing or play around…you should not play sports bro. Other than that I’m in great spirits at all times if you know me you know. 

“I don’t remember me sitting out on my guys Week 1 vs. Jets to Week 12 vs. Broncos. How come all of a sudden I sit out because of money in which I could’ve got hurt at anytime within that time frame? When we know the Super Bowl been on my mind since April 2018.

“Let’s get real. I rather have a 100% PCL than go out there and play horrible forcing myself to put my guys in a bad situation now that’s selfish to me.”

The Colts have expressed an interest in making a move for Jackson. Team owner Jim Irsay said however the compensation to land Jackson would be an issue, specifically draft capital that would be given up in a trade for Jackson or signing him off of his non-exclusive franchise tag in Baltimore. Irsay told ESPN that he would have no problem with Jackson’s salary.

Whether it’s the Colts or elsewhere, it seems more and more likely that the longer this drags on, Jackson will not return to Baltimore as the team’s franchise quarterback. The Ravens’ star requested a trade from the team in early March due to the belief that the franchise won’t meet his value in a new contract.