Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper was ejected Thursday after arguing with third base umpire Ángel Hernández over his decision to rule him out on strikes on an attempted check swing.

On a full count in the bottom of the third inning, Harper appeared to check his swing on a pitch below the zone and began unstrapping his ankle protectors in preparation to walk down to first base.

Hernández, however, indicated that he thought Harper went around on his swing, and ruled the 30-year-old out on strikes.

An irate Harper then charged toward third base, where he proceeded to absolutely berate the umpire. Hernández stood still as a statue while receiving an earful from Harper, who was ejected moments later.

While walking to the dugout following his ejection, Harper tossed his helmet and into the crowd, generating a big cheer from the fans at Citizens Bank Park.

Replay of the at-bat shows that Harper did, in fact, check his swing. However, that wasn’t a call that could be challenged by Philadelphia. 

The checked swing was pretty obvious, too, enough so that the Phillies’ broadcasters reacted to the replay with an in-unison, “Oh my god.”