Things got a bit testy between Dodgers pitcher Bobby Miller and Tigers infielder Zach McKinstry in Wednesday night’s game in Los Angeles. 

McKinstry, a former Dodger, had one pitch from Miller during his first plate appearance run up and in. Then, in his second turn at the plate, Miller hit McKinstry in the shoulder. It couldn’t have been intentional—there were two runners on base with nobody out and Miller had just thrown a wild pitch to the previous batter—but McKinstry was still ticked off. He and Miller had a contentious back and forth that was full of the sorts of words you can’t publish in Sports Illustrated or say on television. Luckily, Dodgers announcer Joe Davis cleaned up the language when reading both players’ lips. 

“Zach said, ‘That’s twice.’ In the first at-bat, there was a pitch up and in, as well,” Davis said. “Bobby told him to shut the front door and head on down to first.”

Great job by Davis to keep things family-friendly.