Strategy could come into play Sunday at the Stafford NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler

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On Sunday, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams will have one of the most prestigious races in the history of spring.  The NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler will feature a 200 lap race for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. The teams can come in and change one tire per pit stop and fuel their car on a separate pit stop.

Chase Dowling told 22News that there is going to be a lot of strategy. 

” Its all about playing your cards right.” Dowling Said 

Dowling and his team are planning to play it by year. You can’t plan it right now. You gotta wait till the green flag starts. See when the first caution comes if its going to be a caution race or if its going to go green flag runs and kind of base the plan off of that. 

Jon McKennedy was fastest in the final NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour practice on Saturday at Stafford. 

” Tomorrow (Sunday) is a long race. 200 laps here anything can happen. The track is going to rubber up a lot and there will definitely be a big transition I am sure on the halfway point as far as what the car is doing with handling with all the rubber.” McKennedy Said 

Matt Swanson believes Sunday’s race is something different. Swanson told 22News that after racing in last year’s Spring Sizzler that he and his team kind of have an idea of what they are going to do.  Swanson told 22News that this one of the toughest pit roads.  

Eric Goodale told 22News that strategy is a big factor. 

” Probably the biggest factor out of all the races were gonna run with the exception of maybe the 250 that were gonna run at New Hampshire later this year. Starting position isn’t all that critical but you still want to start to the front as close as you can.” Goodale Said 

Justin Bonsignore told 22News that this race will have tons of strategy on Sunday. 

” You don’t know whats gonna happen. How the cautions will play out. Will call it on the fly but we got a good car which is gonna help make the race easier. We can bank on having good speed.” Bonsignore Said 

Ron Silk doesn’t know what the right pit strategy is. He told 22News that the race will kind of dictate that. 

” Its weird. I don’t know. This isn’t the biggest pit road. There’s not a lot of room on it and making everyone come down so many times. I don’t know if thats the smartest idea for everyone’s safety on pit road. Everyone will have to use their heads. Hopefully you don’t run someone over.” Silk Said 

Defending NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion Doug Coby told 22News that there is no strategy. 

” Strategy I guess would be when you can plan for what you want to do and you have some game plans for whatever unfolds. This is just going to be chaos. There is no strategy. It is what it is. This actually the easiest weekend I had because I like to strategize a lot and you just can’t so you gotta take it as it comes.” Coby Said 

Coby believes its too tight of a pit road to pit for one tire at a time. 

” I’ve been pretty vocal about it on social media and I am going to stay vocal about it. I don’t think its safe for the crew guys for us to be all coming in all so close together so many times.  The defense that I’ve heard is that well less crew guys on pit road. Fives time one is five and three times four is 12. So there is a lot more opportunities for those less guys to get hurt. I am a little bit aggravated about it and I have been telling everyone I can that I don’t think its smart. Possibly make its a better race for the fans. Possibly a surprise winner. Possibly a master strategy call wins the race. There’s an element of risk involved and I don’t think its worth it.” Coby Said 

The NAPA Auto Parts 200 lap NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event will kickoff at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday. The Pit Party will kickoff at 11 a.m. until noon with the pre-race ceremonies beginning at 12:15 and features kicking off at 1:00 p.m. 

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