CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This year’s Super Bowl marked a special occasion for many. Super Bowl gatherings were delayed or cancelled last year over COVID-19 concerns, and now this Sunday many coming back together to celebrate.

Last year, many people watched the Super Bowl at home, and this year many going back out to the bars and restaurants, excited to watch the game together again.

Sunday night was the big game, and before the work week starts on Monday, many celebrating the Super Bowl out in public for the first time since the pandemic began.

And it was a busy night at the Rumbleseat Bar and Grille in Chicopee, “We are really busy tonight. We are excited to have the Super Bowl back,” said Rumbleseat Bar Owner Bill Stetson.

Many hungry and excited fans came from all over to enjoy the game. “We love the wings and the environment everybody here is cool. This is our spot,” said Super Bowl Fan Nitsy Torres.

Whether you hosted a super bowl party at home, or went out to your local sports bar, all football fans won tonight. The Rumbleseat was a hot spot for the excited sports fans who were ready to get back to basics: drinks, wings and a good game.

“People are back to having super bowl parties and I think a lot of people that skipped the one or two with super bowl parties are doubling up tonight,” added Stetson.

The sports bar welcomed a lot of hungry fans on Sunday night! So many people that they had to order more wings. Stetson said “We had to actually double that Just to prepare for today. And just right now we took our phone off the hook.”

With many towns easing their COVID restrictions – sports fans like Willie and Nitsy were able to finally come together again to enjoy the BIG Game. “It feels good man I’m around friends good friends good vibes real people you know what I mean,” said Super Bowl Fan Willie York.

Sunday was a great night for sports, but most important a great day to come together again.