Playoff Picture: Coaching Change Does Little for Green Bay Post-Season Hopes

The Big Game

After last Sunday’s loss against the 2-9 Arizona Cardinals, no one knows for sure just how long the Green Bay Packers will be Big Game Bound.

After a season of inconsistency, change was a constant this past week within the organization.

Not only was Mike McCarthy fired after the 20 to 17 loss, Green Bay also sent Assistant Head Coach Winston Moss packing after he sounded off on Twitter voicing his opinion about leadership and in particular Aaron Rodgers.

The leader of the Pack addressed the relationship between he and his former coach, 

“I don’t know how many times I’ve got to stand here and tell you, I don’t feel I need to convince anybody about Mike and I’s relationship.

It’s a close knit relationship.

And we would finish every time that we talked, whether it’s Monday afternoon up in his office, or the Thursday’s we used to spend in the team room, or Friday upstairs, or Saturday in the QB room, and we would hug each other and we would tell each other we loved each other.

Again, we had a close knit bond.

Again, I don’t need to respond to every person out there who is got an opinion, it just opens up a whole door of stuff that I don’t want to be a part of.”

Joe Philbin takes over as interim head coach and he was impressed with how many Packers showed up for non-mandatory lifting day on Tuesday, and he realizes the position he is in with four games to go, and how he’s taking over a job for a guy who kept him on board when much of the staff was fired in 2005.

“I remember the day I came here in February 2003, I think, I remember when Coach Sherman was dismissed thinking that I was going to be leaving here and the reaction of some of my children when we were eating dinner when Mike’s name came across the ticker, I remember a lot of great times ahead of Coach Sherman and a lot of the great times I had with Coach McCarthy.

So, yeah, it’s going to be a privilege and it’s an honor to lead this team onto Lambeau Field.”

Even if the Packers beat the Atlanta Falcons at home this week, the road to the post season has plenty of potholes in it considering Green Bay is 11th in the NFC standings and 3rd in their own division. 

Right now, they have less than a 3% chance of qualifying for the playoffs. 

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