Super Bowl 53: Poll says Rams win in public opinion

The Big Game

I want to show you a map. Most of the country is tired of the Patriots winning. This is based on Twitter data from the states. If this were a Presidential state I’d say the Patriots have no path to 270.

What is because of the hate?

“We’re sick and tired of being here. As a beleaguered Bills fan this has become an unfortunate tradition to be on your show on another Super Bowl Sunday. It gives you the opportunity to learn about other teams.” Julie Pace

“I do this show almost every Super Bowl Sunday, too.” Manu Raju

“If your Bears had a kicker, we might be having a different conversation.” John King

“That’s definitely true. but that reminds me of the greatest Super Bowl ever, Super Bowl XX when the Bears won. It was a classic — that was old school. Best team ever. What’s the saying?” Manu Raju

“The same score may replicate itself. any images of Bob Kraft dancing should have a warning before they’re aired on national television. In honor of my wife and ‘Who Dat Nation’ there should be an asterisk on this Super Bowl because the Saints were robbed in the Superdome. A day that will live in infamy in Louisiana.” Jonathan Martin

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