CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A record amount of people are expected to wager on the Super Bowl this year.

According to the American Gaming Association, a record 50.4 million or 20 percent of American adults are expected to bet on Super Bowl LVII. Sports wagering is now open in Massachusetts for in-person bets right before the Super Bowl.

“I’m from Jersey, sports betting is big over there and everything, gambling and all that. So bringing it up here to Mass. is great. For the Super Bowl, it’s gotta be the Chiefs.” Donovan Rivera of New Jersey

According to a new American Gaming Association survey, bettors plan to wager an estimated $16 billion on this year’s big game, more than double last year’s estimates. There is approximately 57 percent of Americans that live in a legal sports betting market and with sports wagering changing from taboo and illegal to now commercialized and wildly popular, people are excited to bet on everything they can for the Super Bowl.

“I’m definitely probably going to take a touchback. I’ll probably put some money on that but I’m tired of doing all these player props that never work out.” Pompay of Springfield

While hundreds of different bets are placed, some being obscure including the length of the national anthem, the coin toss, and whether or not Tom Cruise flies into the stadium pregame, the most popular bets that are taking Kansas City or Philadelphia to win the game.