The Big Game: Know the Facts

The Big Game

Atlanta is a city familiar with hosting the Big Game. In fact, this is the third time Atlanta will host this giant of sporting events. 

Over 1 million visitors are expected to be in Atlanta for Big Game week providing an estimated 400 million dollar impact for the city. 

The two most popular foods on Big Game Day are pizza and wings and Americans will consume 325 million gallons of beer. 

The Big Game is always a big media event. Last year, a record of nearly 6,000 media members were credentialed.

78% of consumers engage in social media while watching the Big Game. The biggest driver for conversation – the commercials. 

Trying to get a ticket to the Big Game isn’t easy. Generally, the average cost of a ticket is between $2,500 and $3,000. 

The site of this year’s Big Game cost $1.5 billion to build, and it can seat up to 75,000 people. 

In the U.S., over 100 million people will watch the Big Game. The 2015 game holds the record with over 114 million viewers. 

The weather is always a focus for fans of the big game. The average high in Atlanta is 56 degrees in February and the low is 34. 

Centennial Park in Atlanta is the place to be leading up to the Big Game. The park will feature a free 10 day fan festival with concerts and fireworks. 

Get this, in 2015, the average cost of a ticket to the Big Game was over $4,000.  That’s big bucks! 

Atlanta is this year’s host of the Big Bame, was also the home of the 1996 Summer Games and five college basketball championships. 

On Big Game day, Americans will buy more than 12 million pizzas and eat over 1.3 billion pounds of chicken wings. 

Last year, over 170 million social media interactions were all about the big game. The biggest topic of conversation – the commercials. 

The stadium for this year’s Big Game is 30 stories tall, has a retractable roof, and 2,100 parking spaces. 

Believe it or not, in 2000, the last time the Big Game was held in Atlanta, a big ice storm hit the city the weekend of the game.

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