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John Visconti started off the 2018 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season with the team he assembled has been absolutely a dream come true. Bruce Cook came onto the team and the veteran crew chief has years of experience with different sanctioning bodies and being at the top tier of NASCAR. 

Cook was a crew chief for Kevin Harvick for quite some time on his championship teams in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Visconti told 22News that having driver Brandon McReynolds and his father Larry bring so much to the table than most people realize with the credibility and knowledge and all of the expertise that they’ve had throughout the years. 

When the team was being put together, it was sort of like the perfect storm with the way it happened. 

“I am proud to have all of them along with us,” said Visconti.

Visconti Motorsports raced on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour last season. When he started the team, he had a bit of success for a new team. He was at the race in Charlotte last October and Visconti sat with Brett Bodine and he asked Brett what the next step was for his race team and Visconti said to Bodine that he wanted to progress in the NASCAR ranks and he asked what the next step was even though they were in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour for a season He didn’t want to put all of his resources into the one division at this point and he knew there was some availability of them getting the right equipment and the right team and the right driver but it had to happen at that moment. and couldn’t have happened a month or two later. 

Visconti, III came back home to New York and he spoke with his wife Marie who is the car owner and he said to her this is what he wanted to do and they went that rout. Visconti, III then spoke with Tommy Baldwin and he put all the parts of the puzzle together for the team and they went on from that point. 

Tommy Baldwin and Visconti grew up together. Baldwin was also a big instrumental part of Visconti’s Modified team. He gave them a lot of information and resources along the way to help the team be successful. 

When Visconti, III decided to do the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. Baldwin was absolutely instrumental in getting them started not just as a startup team but a startup team that could be competitive at every track they went to and the team has been. 

When you look at the Visconti Motorsports team, they are a big family team. What makes the team so successful ?? John’s dad Cookie Visconti.  Cookie’s car number was 74 from day one.  When John was growing up as a kid and he said this quite often, when your a teenager or an adult, you don’t want to hang out with your dad.

“I couldn’t wait to hang out at the garage. At one point, we had a one and half garage packed with stuff.  I couldn’t wait to hang out on a weekend or on a Wednesday night. Whereas my friends didn’t want to hang out with their fathers. They wound up hanging out with my dad,” said Visconti.

Visconti runs this race team like a business even though its a fun thing and that it is a business in the way NASCAR is. His father had a lot of good business practices and won a ton of races. 

“The program that we brought to this operation was basically generated off what my dad started. Clean cars, clean uniforms, appropriate appearance, no fighting, no yelling, no screening haircut, clean garage. He would tell us can’t leave the garage until its clean. He had a lot of good business practices. He won a ton of races and he always looked good for his sponsors and looked good for the fans. He was like the mini Richard Petty. He would sign autographs all day long until there was none left. He did it at every local track,” said Visconti. 

We don’t see a lot of families going to the races anymore.  Visconti told 22News that its really a Pandora’s box. 

“There’s a lot of reasons. A lot of it, unfortunately, has to do with personal finances. Its hard for a family of five or six to come from let’s say Long Island.  My brother has a family of six. They drove from Long Island to Thompson. There’s the entry fees and then there’s the travel back home. Unfortunately, some people can’t do it. Some people can. There are quite a few promoters out there that are doing it right where they have lowered their entry fee at the gate and it’s generating a lot of people. You could say that the promoters deserve what they get at the gate because of the fact they have all this expense but the truth of the matter is if you don’t fill the stands. It’s gotta be a happy medium between both,” said Visconti. 

Visconti believes there are so many great families that are coming to the tracks. The Visconti family shows how much of a passion they have for the sport of auto racing. 

The NASCAR K&N Pro Series will be back in action on August 24 at Gateway International Raceway. They will make their final appearance of the season here in the New England region as part of the Full Throttle Fall Weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, September 22.  

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