Cruel note to amputee over handicapped spot goes viral


MIAMISBURG, OH (WTNH)– A neighbor’s nasty note has gone viral after she left it on an amputee’s car over a handicapped parking spot.

That cruel letter goes as far as calling 26-year-old Ashley Brady “cry baby one leg” after Brady lost her leg in an accident last year.

Brady told an ABC affiliate that after relearning how to walk again with her prosthetic, it was still difficult for her to walk across her Miamisburg, Ohio apartment complex’s parking lot without slipping on ice patches.

After requesting a handicap parking spot and having to wait some time for it, she was thrilled when her complex finally gave her one, only to be upset a few days later after another woman, who is not handicap nor who has handicap plates, parked there.

“I finally get my handicapped parking spot last Thursday (March 12, 2015) and then I come home on Saturday and they’re parking in my parking spot,” she told ABC.

The Facebook for Amputee Coalition of America quoted Brady in a post saying:

“I lost my leg over the summer and am just trying to adjust to my new life. I requested to have a handicap parking spot to my apartment but with the ground being frozen I had to wait almost all winter. I FINALLY get my parking spot and this small victory meant soo much to me. Then after having my parking spot only 2 days a lady who was not handicap and does not have plates parked in my spot. I left her a note saying why I needed that spot, that I found it disrespectful, and if she did it again she would be towed.”

The neighbor’s whose car she left it on then wrote her a note back that said:

“Hey handicap! First, never place your hands on my car again! Second, honey you ain’t the only one with “struggles.” You want pity go to a one leg support group! You messed with the wrong one! I don’t care what your note said shove it, but you touch my car again I will file a report, I am not playing! I let the office know the cry baby one leg touches my property I will cause trouble so go cry your struggles to someone who cares cause I’m walking away with both mine! – [expletive]

Brady’s sister decided to share the mean note in order to bring to light the struggles of handicap people. The photo of the letter was then shared by millions.

“I got a lot of feedback online from a lot of other amputees who have been in similar situations. You’re not just going to get what you want by being bullying. She told me to cry to someone who cares, so I went to the internet and it turns out a lot of people care,” said Brady.

A grievance has been filed with Miamisburg police and the complex has yet to take action.

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