LARGO, FLa. (WFLA) — A tiny Yorkie puppy that was stolen from a Largo pet store has been found, but is sick and being cared for at a local veterinarian.

The 2-pound, female pup valued at $1,600 was stolen from the All About Puppies store on January 12. The man suspected of stealing her was arrested on January 15, but the dog was never found.

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, someone took the palm-sized puppy to the Partridge Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg because the dog was sick.

The veterinarian scanned the puppy’s microchip and discovered the dog had been stolen. The veterinarian had seen the story about the stolen puppy on News Channel 8 and called the All About Puppies pet store to let them know the puppy was at the clinic and is sick.

The person who brought the puppy to the vet told the veterinarian that they had purchased the dog from someone. The Yorkie is still being cared for at the veterinarian. It is receiving IV fluids.

The kennel manager at All About Puppies has been worried about the Yorkie’s health ever since she was stolen. “I am so scared for this Yorkie,” Bridget Royal told News Channel 8 shortly after the puppy was stolen.

“She is so young and so tiny. She has to eat every three to four hours [to make sure her sugar content is balanced]. If not, she could die from hypoglycemia. We consider these puppies our own and take extra special care of them. I don’t know what could happen to her. I’m so worried. I have no idea what this guy is going to do with her or if he’s even going to take care of her,” said Royal.

The man accused of stealing the Yorkie was arrested by Largo Police on January 15 after someone recognized him in surveillance video that was recorded by cameras at the store.

Detectives say Wayne Junior Barfield stole the dog, then traded it for crack cocaine and cash. Police say Barfield would not tell them who he sold the dog to. Barfield is charged with grand theft  and is being held at the Pinellas County Jail.

A $1,000 reward was offered after the puppy was stolen.