Mass. (WWLP) – With a winter storm on the way here in the Northeast utility companies are preparing for potential impact.

The wind gusts and accumulation of heavy snow have the potential to damage trees and knock down power wires, causing power outages across the region. Utility companies encouraging people to have emergency supplies set aside; such as flashlights, batteries, and essentials like water and blankets. 22News spoke with Eversource about what they are doing to make sure customers are getting the help they need in the event of a power outage.

Priscilla Ress of Eversource said, “So what we do is we have our crews right now, everyone is on call, everyone is on standby. We’re also brining some other outside contractors and they help in case there are outages and then we position people as we track the weather where we think we’re going to need them and where we do need them.”

Eversource also encouraged customers to download the app and alert them if there are any lines down or if a power outage occurs in your neighborhood in an effort to assist you as soon and
as efficiently as possible.