SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter officially begins next week, but there’s already more than a foot of snow on the ground in western Massachusetts.

The nor’easter brought heavy snow and strong winds Wednesday night into Thursday morning. It typically would mean a day-off for students, but with the pandemic, not this time.

“I was like excited about it, but then I thought oh wait there’s no point I still have to go to online class and come out here and shovel,” said Andrew Wilson.

“What is really good is that we don’t have to deal with school, that’s always an issue making sure we get around the school areas, so with the kids at home it makes our jobs easier not having to focus on those areas, said Chris Cignoli, Springfield DPW director.

With all the snow the nor’easter dumped, it created tricky driving conditions and high snow banks like this. 22News spoke with the DPW about their strategy to clear all the snow. Springfield’s DPW has a camera system, so they can see in real-time the areas that need attention. Director Chris Cignoli explained, what affects their snow removal operation.

“Its temperature before, temperature after, are we getting ice,” said Cignoli. “If you get a large amount of snow and its the dry snow we have here, it makes our job and all of the municipalities, it makes their jobs a lot easier.”

Cignoli said they tend to get to the sidewalks at the tail end of the storm. They have a list of locations, and it includes the Memorial, North End, and South End bridges.

Since temperatures are expected to not go above freezing the next few days, the Springfield DPW plans on sanding and salting the roads until the beginning of next week.