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After mild start to winter, snow will soon return to western Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) -- When many people think of winter in the Pioneer Valley, they think of one thing: snow. 

Yet this year, we are missing that key component that truly makes it feel like winter here.

The abnormally mild start has many locals scratching their heads and wondering if winter is ever going to come.

Temperatures since the first day of the winter solstice have regularly hit the 40s and 50s, and many of the days with precipitation were warmer as well, so we've seen far more rain than snow.

But that is all going to change this week in western Massachusetts. Rounds of snow and a wintry mix could cover roads once again Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Now this will be the first time we see snow or a mix so far this month. There's a chance of accumulation, but we will still be far off from the January average snowfall which is 13.5 inches in Chicopee.

And some locals are anxiously awaiting.

"We love snow -- the kids haven't been able to sled, like we haven't been able to really go skiing anywhere yeah, bring it on," Christianna Keough from West Springfield told 22News. "It's good to have some snow in winter time, right?"

But conditions become a little less snowy for the rest of the week. Thursday to Saturday we're looking at drier weather, but temperatures will be feeling much more winter-like with highs in the 30s, and eventually the 20s. 

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