WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – A storm is on its way to the Northeast and it could cause some travel ahead of the Christmas weekend.

It’s certainly an inconvenient time for a storm to hit the region. And with an estimated 7 million people flying to holiday celebrations this weekend, it could cause some major issues.

Many major airlines have already started issuing travel waivers due to the incoming storm. Airlines such as United, JetBlue, American, and Delta are giving out waivers for travelers who are flying on certain dates out of Bradley International Airport. Many airlines call this the ” Northeast winter weather fee waiver.” Airlines are waving change fees and fair differences. Travelers we spoke to thought this was a wise move on the part of the airlines given the incoming weather.

“I would definitely check the conditions, you know, if you need to adjust the flight then do that. You know, the airlines work with you most of the time. So we had to change our arrangements and it worked out. It’s been a good experience here overall,” Kameron Poff, from Orlando Florida told 22News.

For JetBlue, the waivers are valid during travel dates from December 22nd to December 23rd. Rebooking must be completed by Sunday, December 25th. United is waving fees and fair differences for flights on or before December 28th. These waivers are applicable for people flying to and from cities throughout the Northeast, from Albany to Washington, D.C.

Given holiday crowds and the incoming bad weather, travel experts do ask that you check the status of your flight before you head to the airport.