Now that the weather has gotten warmer more bugs are out, including spiders.

The good news is that most spiders here in western Massachusetts are not poisonous.

You may have seen them building a nest outside your door but for the most part they are just a nuisance.

Spiders are primarily just looking for food, other insects, and that is where they build their nests. If they feel threatened, spiders will bite.

Entomologist Bob Russel of American Pest Solutions told 22News, “All spiders have the ability to penetrate your skin. They use their fangs to kill insects and they all posses a certain amount of venom not necessarily a hazard to humans but some people react more than others.”

You can get rid of spiders by simply getting rid of their nests with a broom or by spraying insecticides. If they become a big problem you can call in a professional to remove them.

Poisonous spiders like the brown recluse and black widow spiders can sometimes make their way to Massachusetts but are pretty uncommon. They’re usually found in warmer climates.