(WWLP) – All eyes remain on Florida as Hurricane Ian paints a devastating picture for us here at home, and the impact it is having up and down the east coast.

22News spoke with people who are hunkered down in Florida right now and hoping for the best.

Gale Clark of Naples, Florida told 22News, “It’s the storm surge. We didn’t expect it.”

Hurricane Ian, barreled through southern Florida, bringing with it high speeds winds of 150 mph, and storm surges reportedly up to 18 feet.

“Well, we have been seeing cars floating by,” said Clark, a Massachusetts resident, watching as her condominium in Naples begins to flood. “Downstairs, in the lobby. When I was down there around 1 pm it was two feet of water. It just shows you what the Gulf can do.”

In other nearby parts of Florida, more damage and flooding are seen in places like St. James City. Arden D’Amours of Agawam told 22News, “My brothers are there, my cousins are there.” The Agawam resident said her family is without power in Pine Island. She worries that her childhood home won’t be the same next time she visits.

“In a lot of ways I wish I was there to help,” D’Amours said. “I feel like I can’t do anything here.”

Some Florida residents, came through Bradley International Airport to escape the storm. John Viens of Tampa, Florida told 22News, “We got the order to evacuate, and fortunately I got the last flight out of Tampa.

As the list of cancelations grew, Viens said he had to travel to Chicago first before finally making it back to his hometown in Massachusetts. It is emotional, because you are leaving friends and family back there, and your house there, and you just hope everyone is ok,” Viens said.

As Hurricane Ian continues to hit Florida for the next couple of days, all that is left is to wait until its time to pick up the pieces.

“Everybody out on the island: I love you guys, be safe, and hopefully I am going to see you soon,” D’Amours said.

22News will continue to track Hurricane Ian on air and here on our website.