CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – With all the leaves falling and freezing overnight temperatures, you have to keep those gutters clean.

While this morning felt like the beginning of winter, its still fall and that means leaves and acorns are still falling in your gutter. Ignoring your gutters could be catastrophic. Lue Courteau with Rocky’s Ace Hardware told 22News what type of damage clogged up gutters can do to your home.

“They get backed up, water overflows, that can ruin the foundation of your home. Ice dams in the winter can also ruin your gutters, they can fall down, could do damage to the home.” said Courteau.

There’s a couple ways to fix this problem. You could hire professionals to clean your gutters or you can buy gutter guards that prevent leaves and acorns from getting inside your gutters.

It’s important to act now as freezing overnight temperatures can make cleaning your gutters that much more difficult.

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