Rodents are starting to seek shelter in homes now that the weather is getting colder. 

40% of all mammals are rodents. So it’s no surprise Pioneer Valley residents are having issues with them coming into their homes. And this is the time of year the problem worsens, as cooler temperatures lead mice and rats to seek shelter in your warmer home. 

Braman Termite and Pest Elimination Specialist Natasha Wright says the key is surveying your home for gaps for a preventative measure, as treatment is more difficult, “Mice traps are good but a lot of times customers or homeowners aren’t aware of how to use them properly. For example if you have two mice you may need up to a dozen snap traps to control them.”

Traps work for smaller rodent problems, but large infestations require a professional. Another tip for keeping pests out is to trim vegetation back so it doesn’t touch your home, otherwise creating a sort-of roadway giving them access to inside. 

It also helps to keep your yard clean of birdseed and other foods that could attract rodents, and to also make sure your garbage can lids are on tight.