SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter weather is on the way to western Massachusetts, local and state crews are getting roads ready and people are hunkering down.

The first snowfall comes in mid-November for the Springfield area each of the last six years, according to NWS data. For some, it’s a welcome sight, a sign of the coming holiday season. For others, a rude reminder of a long, cold winter.

“I got everything, I got gloves, a scrape for the car to take off the snow. I really hate the snow, but nothing we can do about it, right?”

While people mentally prepare, local and state crews are prepping the roads. DPW takes care of local surface roads while MassDOT handles the highways. They told 22News that they are treating roads west of I-190 in Worcester with their blended brine which they break out when they anticipate a storm will arrive with snow. That brine is 85-percent sodium chloride solution and 15 percent liquid magnesium chloride. It dries clear on roads and is eventually dissolved by precipitation, preventing snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.

MassDOT has one million gallons of their brine solution ready to deploy. Local crews will be doing similar prep on surface roads. In Springfield, the DPW will not order plows for anything less than three inches, so they won’t be out clearing Wednesday morning. They will however salt arterial and secondary roads for less than three inches of accumulation.