D-Day weather: A forecast that changed history

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(WWLP) – The D-Day weather forecast was described by many as the most important weather forecast in history.

Remember what the allies were trying to do, cross from coastal Great Britain over the English Channel and land in German-occupied France, specifically in Normandy.

The English Channel is fairly wide in some areas and can provide rough seas at times so the weather forecast was very important.

Meteorologists who were involved in invasion decision making were looking at several factors including moon phase, tides, timing and the weather itself.

Bad weather actually delayed the invasion by one day, it was originally planned for June 5th, but they had to push it back. The weather wasn’t great on June 6th, but it was better than the 5th.

The Allies had more access to weather information and a superior forecast over the Germans.

The Germans expected the weather would stay bad through the 6th and for weeks to come, making an invasion unlikely.

The weather ended up improving and that’s what led to a window of opportunity for the Allies to cross the English Channel and head into Normandy.

It was a very important forecast. Had they not gone on June 6th, they would have had to wait another couple of weeks to give it another attempt.

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