SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – During several red flag warnings this week, we saw brush fires across the state. From Deerfield to Springfield, firefighters were called to several brush fires over the last few days.

Roughly 98 percent of wildfires in Massachusetts are caused by humans and that’s why when you have weather conditions like these, it only takes a simple spark to create a problem like this. The most recent brush fire was in Springfield Thursday evening, firefighters had to keep up with a 13-acre brush fire. Crews were out Friday morning to make make sure the fire stayed out.

Dave Celino is the Chief Fire Warden for the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation. He told 22News everything from cigarette butts to trains on railroads, even open areas in urban areas like Springfield can be at risk.

“We have a lot of open space people would be surprised that it’s not that difficult to find two or three or five acres and now all of the sudden in a situation where it could burn until we get some wetting rain,” said Celino.

He added we also will need to see the leaves come in on the trees and grass to grow in to help reduce the risk of brush fires in our area.