(WWLP) – Hurricane Ida caused a lot of problems for communities in Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and even some areas in our region.

With all the rainfall this past summer, flooding has been a concern, especially when big storms like Ida hit close to home. Flood is only second to heat in the number of weather-related deaths per year.

There are systems of dikes and levees around the Connecticut River and Chicopee River to help prevent serious floods. These were put in place during the 1930s and more were added in the 1950s. They are used along with pumps to remove water when it reaches a certain level to help prevent catastrophic floods.
The river levels are constantly monitored so that they are always in the know about the flood stage.

“The river levels were to increase beyond the river banks, the levee creates a vertical wall from the neighborhoods along the river in Chicopee and other communities,” said Elisabette Batista, Chicopee DPW Superintendent.

This, along with weather forecasts, helps keep people and communities safe when flooding becomes a risk. These are seen in communities like Northampton, Chicopee, and West Springfield which the Connecticut River borders.