WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Local DPW crews are working hard to keep roads as safe as possible through this rush-hour weather.

Local DPW Crews spent Wednesday afternoon doing everything they could to make sure surface roads stay safe for drivers through this late-January snowfall.

“We have a spray system what we do is spray the hills first so people don’t get stuck on the hills and we make sure our guys are out there for five o clock really laying it down,” said Trevor Wood, Deputy Director of Operations at West Springfield DPW. “We have three sanders per area and we have about five plow areas in this town.”

Solid prep can only do so much, though. It takes safe driving habits from all drivers on the road to get everyone home safely.

“People love to tailgate, go extra fast, drive around people, drive around our sanders. When there are corners, they stay on the same speed and we always see people off the roads. There’s always fender benders, multiple fender benders, because people don’t take their time,” said Wood.

Officials say the most dangerous part of Wednesday’s storm is the timing.

“I don’t like when the timing is rush hour, on the way home because it’s always a mess. People are always in a rush to get home. We have a lot of hills in his town, people are stuck all the time on the hills,” said Wood.