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Franklin County residents dealing with winter weather in spring

COLRAIN, Mass. (WWLP) - April Showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but instead of May Flowers residents in Colrain woke up to a coating of snow.

"Well I fix air conditioners for a living so I looked outside and said oh that's not good for business," Colrain resident Sam Pomeroy said.

Instead of air conditioning, Colrain residents had the heat on this morning.

22News went to Pine Hill Orchards to find out how cold weather could impact the trees this late in the spring.

"We had a little scare last night because we're just getting to bloom out there with the apples and the peaches and stuff like that so with a cold night and snow it can do damage to the fruit," Orchards employee Brady Mcelaney said.

There weren't any reported measurements of snow in Colrain.

However, 22News shot video of a coating of snow in certain areas on Christian Hill road. Pomeroy said he noticed significant snowfall late last night.

"It was snowing super hard, I went to let the dogs out and they didn't even want to go out because there was snow all over the deck and it was snowing like crazy out," he said. "There was more snow went I went outside at 11 than when I woke up this morning."

Areas of high elevation received the most snowfall Tuesday morning.

Parts of Rowe received just over an inch and a half. East Hawley had reported measurements of about a half inch.

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