CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Communities across Florida are picking up the pieces Thursday following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Ian.

Communities across Florida were in disbelief Thursday after Hurricane Ian tore through parts of the state. The St. Petersburg community, located southwest of Tampa, rushed to prepare for what was expected to be a direct hit.

Brendan Greene is a Massachusetts native that moved to St. Petersburg two years ago. He and his neighbors were waiting for the worst on Wednesday. Last minute trips to packed grocery stores and boarding up windows. But by a stroke of luck, the community was spared the worst of Ian.

“It wasn’t really too extreme. I mean the wind was haunting that’s for sure, but nothing too crazy to be honest where I am.” Brendan Greene in St. Petersburg

Greene and his neighbors lost power around 1:30 Wednesday and were informed it could be days before it’s restored. Trees uprooted damaging homes and debris covered the sidewalks and streets. But there was minimal to no flooding. A serious and dangerous issue in other parts of the state.

In your time there have you experienced a storm as serious as this one? “I’m more used to blizzards and snow storms than hurricanes and tornados, so this was a new experience for me and I’m just glad it really wasn’t too bad in my area and we came out safe.” Brendan Greene in St. Petersburg

As the community begins to clean up, a silver lining, the experience created a bond within the neighborhood. “It was great to see everyone outside and walking around, I definitely feel a little closer to everybody.”