CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you feel like your allergies were especially bad Friday, it’s not just your imagination.

Tree pollen counts were especially high Friday and if you’re one of the more than 25 percent of Americans who have seasonal allergies, you probably noticed. While the sun may be out, the weather conditions are providing a “perfect storm” for allergy season.

“We have the tree pollen that’s out right now, and when we have the sunshine, we have the windy conditions that’s just blowing all the pollen around” said 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Adam Strzempko.

Lots of the trees at Forest Park give off pollen and that’s why walkers are noticing their symptoms now.

“I get my eyes bloodshot and it’s really itchy,” said Aiden of Springfield.

“I was sick for a solid week of runny nose, coughing,” said Selah Davison.

“Pollen is really impacting me, I’m suffering, I’m coughing but I’m surviving, we’re getting through it,” said Alejandro Ontiveros.

Despite their allergies, these three were out for a walk with their coworkers at the Learning Center for the Deaf. Alejandro is largely impacted by trees, which is at its peak, however grass allergies are just starting to arrive, which is impacting his colleague Kelly. All three have their strategies to ease their symptoms.

“If I walk, I try not to sit on the grass directly,” said Kelly Jo Capobianco.

If you have seasonal allergies, the CDC recommends you check the pollen forecast regularly to know when pollen levels are high and take allergy medication as prescribed by your doctor.

When you come back inside, you should take steps to wash off the pollen like washing your hands or even shower. You should also change your clothes if you were outside and keep your windows closed.

The good news is that we can see some relief in the forecast with some rain coming up. Pollen counts can still go back up though when the sun comes back out.