CHESTERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With higher elevation spots expected to get more snow than others the Hilltowns are gearing up for the winter weather.

There’s an idea that people in the Hilltowns like the snow more than most and some will tell you there’s a reason for that.

“Hopefully it’s all good snow and not just wet heavy snow,” Dan Young from Easthampton told 22News.

Dan Young is dreaming of a white Christmas, but in the meantime he’s doing work in the Hilltowns. On the bright side his friend is paying for lunch here at the Chesterfield General Store and Café.

The spot has stood here since 1967. Greg Monette took the reigns about three years ago.
He’s looking forward to the snow, and as one of the few places in town, they’re planning to be open

“Cleaner fresher. I like coming here in the morning and see that glistening on the green evergreens. It’s beautiful,” Gaetano Milano from Springfield said.