LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – With snow in the forecast for Tuesday morning, many students and parents may be wondering if there will be school.

You may find school cancellations on or airing on our newscasts, but it is up to the school superintendent to make that decision. According to Ludlow Superintendent Frank Tiano, the decision is very important to him because it affects so many people.

Tiano says he wants to make that decision as late as possible due to changes in weather forecasts but also early enough to aware families to make alternative plans for their children. The superintendent works with the Ludlow Public Schools Facilities Coordinator and the town’s DPW to look at the timing of the storm and see what their capacity is to remove snow and salt the roads.

For Tiano, he told 22News he also communicates with other superintendents in the area to hear what they are considering and talks to Ludlow police and fire departments for more perspective of the town.

However, the most important reason for a school cancellation is the safety of the students. Once the superintendent makes that decision, communication is the biggest priority. The school will alert parents through email, texts, and also send 22News the information which is displayed online and on air.

Current School Closings

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Snowfall Map for western Massachusetts

Timeline of Snowfall

Winter Storm Warning is in effect from 8 p.m. Monday to 8 a.m. Wednesday for Franklin, western Hampshire, & western Hampden County, and 5 p.m. Monday to 8 a.m. Wednesday for Berkshire County or the possibility of significant snowfall accumulation.

Winter Storm Watch is in effect from Monday night through Wednesday morning for central/eastern Hampden & central/eastern Hampshire County.

The rain/snow mix becomes steady early Monday evening. Any lingering rain will transition to all snow after midnight.

Snow, heavy at times, is likely on Tuesday. The heaviest snow will most likely fall Tuesday morning. Although a brief “surge” of heavy snow is possible Tuesday afternoon and evening. Most of the valley snowfall accumulation will come during the day Tuesday. 

The highest snowfall accumulation will be in the Berkshires and Berkshire foothills. This is also the area with the greatest risk of power outages and tree/structure damage from the heavy snow and wind. Wind gusts across western Massachusetts could reach 30-50 mph.