NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It was another abnormally hot day for April, with temperatures reaching as high as 90 degrees in some towns here in western Massachusetts.

22News was in Northampton earlier this evening to see how people were dealing with the heat.

“Our car registered this afternoon, 102 degrees,” said Leslie Gottlieb of New York.

Friday was hot!

“It feels a little too hot! But it’s nice, said Malik Adebimpe,” UMass Amherst Student.

“I mean come on you get to be outside, adds Eleanor Bach of Melrose.

Kerry Larose, a Smith College student also expressed how she felt about the extreme heat, “it’s so shot! I hate it! But I also love it!”

At the beginning of April, the abnormally hot weather in the Spring, soaring to 90 degrees in some areas here in Western Massachusetts, was a bit too soon for some people.

“It’s kind of creepy, and the landscape doesn’t match the temperature, it’s a nice treat but let’s go back to 60 next week,” said Cassie Eskhof of Easthampton.

“10 days ago I was skiing! Now it’s like I need to go swimming,” adds Ted Bach of Melrose.

However, the warmer-than-usual weather still had people excited to just be outside. Northampton city streets bustling with people, walking their dogs, biking, and shopping any excuse to take in the sunshine. Larose told 22News, “Otherwise we are all in the library and it’s rainy and we are studying, but when the sun is out we can just be free!”

“We are just looking for ice cream! No classes today so we are just looking to do something! Figured we can find some AC,” said Rob Glazer, a UMass Amherst student.

And plenty of people were seen at Herrel’s Icecream, trying to beat the heat and enjoy a sweet treat.