GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Natural disasters like fires, flooding, and other hazardous weather are all dangerous for anyone. For seniors, especially those living alone or with disabilities, the risks can be even more abundant.

This month, the Warren County Office of Emergency Services is making a nod to National Preparedness Month with a focus on seniors, and the needs they may have in times of disaster. The county has released a list of ways seniors in neighborhoods and rural areas alike can stay safe next time a bad storm or other set of emergency conditions comes to the area.

Suggestions from the Office of Emergency Services include:

  • Choosing an evacuation location, which can break down into a place to meet with family and loved ones and a second location to seek shelter
  • Assembling an emergency kit including water, non-perishable food, medications, first aid kits, flashlights, maps, tools, dust masks, a battery-powered radio, rechargeable cell phone battery, wipes, and garbage bags; all to be stored in a bag that can be grabbed quickly in the event of an emergency
  • Setting aside food, medications, and other items needed by pets
  • Staying educated about how to mitigate hazard risks, including trimming tree branches, taking care of gutters, and looking for what else might become a hazard around the home during intense wind or rain
  • Stowing blankets, snow shovel, and extra clothes in your vehicle to prepare for winter weather

“It’s important that we help older adults, particularly during weather events, and assisting them in planning for emergencies is a great first step,” said Warren County Emergency Services Director Ann Marie Mason. “Preparing a plan ahead of time can lessen the impact of a natural or man-made disaster, and will lead to less stress and confusion for everyone when an emergency occurs. We ask that you please take time to make a plan, and have your family practice how to implement it.”

Warren County in particular has developed an app designed to help anyone stay abreast of emergencies as they happen, and how to stay safe in the moment. The OES Emergency Notification App was launched earlier this year.