SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Whenever inclement weather hits, school administrators are tasked with deciding whether or not schools should remain open.

Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to making the decision to cancel school. School superintendents monitor the weather forecast, and typically work with the city Department of Public Works to make the ultimate call. In some circumstances, a few neighboring districts may work together in making the call collectively.

22News spoke with Azell Cavaan of Springfield Public Schools, about how the superintendent made the decision to cancel school Tuesday.

“He consults with really a team of people, there’s safety officials, folks from the department of public works, the mayor’s office really to get an idea of how the city is feeling like they are able to treat the roads,” said Cavaan.

Ultimately, prioritizing the safety of students and staff getting to and from school is the driving factor. Azell also said that Springfield Public Schools tacks on five days at the start of the school year in anticipation of snow closures.