SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – It is now April and typically Spring flooding can be a problem this time of year. But with the minimal snow this season, what does that mean for flooding potential in western Massachusetts?

It’s been good so far, for the start of the season, but if the weather conditions change, Spring flooding could become a problem. At Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley, they are busy getting the docks ready to put in the water.

This is the time of year we often see flooding along the Connecticut River but so far that hasn’t been an issue. A lot of the snow has melted away and so far, river levels are right about where they should be but that could still change.

“If I start seeing 3 to 4 inches of rain and it’s going right up the valley, I’m going to be concerned,” expressed Luke Brunelle, the Owner of Brunelle’s Marina, “These docks that I’m parking in the parking lot, that I’m staging right now, I’ve actually had times where I’ve had to tie them back to the guardrail because they were floating in the parking lot in spring run offs.”

Right now, the Spring flood potential is normal for most of southern New England and above normal for parts of northern New England. While the snow is pretty much gone here in southern New England, there is still quite a bit of it that has to melt in northern New England and that could cause rivers to rise, especially if we get a big warm up or if we see a lot of rainfall.

Right now, it’s not a good idea to go out on the river, “Definitely wait. It’s not boating season at all, the water is too cold, there’s hidden structures that nobody’s even seen yet,” added Brunelle.

The current is also pretty strong right now, and there are some large pieces of debris in the water that can pose a dangerous hazard.