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How to prevent pipes from freezing in single digit temperatures

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) -- After this weekend's winter storm, we'll see some dangerously low temperatures Monday.

Good news for homeowners with insurance: burst pipes caused by freezing are covered by most insurance companies. But Bill Trudeau with the Insurance Center of New England says your best bet is to prevent them from freezing in the first place.

If you're away from home on Monday, when highs will dip to the single digits, you might want to turn off the supply line to your washing machine, open the kitchen cabinets surrounding your sink pipes, and have someone check in on your home. 

Many pipes freeze due to loss of power and heat. Trudeau says in the event of a potential power outage, it helps to turn your thermostat up higher than you normally would, so it takes longer for the temperature in your house to cool down if you do lose power. 

"Really, I think, you know, The key is leaving your house warmer, not doing the setback of your temperature, that's a way to avoid some problems for sure," he told 22News. 

It also is best to have a professional come and properly insulate your home if frozen pipes is a repeat problem. 

But when it comes to preventing frozen pipes, some locals would rather do it themselves.

"Sometimes we put electric heaters in the basement to prevent frozen pipes and like try to keep the heat on," Mark Brown from Springfield explained to 22News. 

If your pipes do freeze despite your best efforts, you should immediately turn off your water supply. Then you should contact a professional for help, and begin that insurance claim. 

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