(WWLP) – Cooler weather is on the way and that means animals are looking for warmer homes.

Mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents are all looking to escape the cold weather that is quickly approaching here in New England. “You want to look for gaps. So for mice, generally they consider it to be a dime sized opening is large enough for them and for rats, quarter sized opening,” said Natasha Wright from Braham Termite & Pest Elimination.

Squirrels come into your home through the attic and much bigger holes than what a mouse or rat could fit through. As for keeping squirrels out of your attic, making sure there are no tree branches or vegetation touching your roof will ensure that they won’t have a way to get in.

Wright says plugging any holes and keeping your kitchen clean is a good place to start for keeping mice out, “So if you have mice currently, you can put out snap traps or glue boards or a variety of mechanical devices to catch them or even using rodenticide baits. If you are plugging up holes you want to use something like a stainless steal mesh. Mice don’t like how it feels on their teeth, the benefit of stainless steal is it doesn’t rust.”

Mice and other rodents transmit diseases, so its important to keep them out and away from your home.