SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We already saw some snow Wednesday and temperatures will continue to drop as we head into the colder months.

One way to protect those plants is to get protective sprays. These plant protector sprays reduce moisture loss and it prevent the plants from getting damaged as it gets colder. When the temperatures start to drop that can cause plants to dry out.

Andy from Sixteen Acres Garden Center told 22News that now is the perfect time to start protecting your yard. He says there are many different ways to help your outdoor plants survive the cold and the snow.

“If you have an eve where a lot of snow falls off of it, it may be worth putting two pieces of water shutters over your shrubs to keep the snow from falling and crushing any plant material that may be heavy enough to break branches or anything like that.”

Some other protectants include a burlap or a barrel, Andy says people can also bring their plants indoors in the event of a hard frost. But it’s not too late to start planting because the ground is not frozen yet. He says you can still plant trees and shrubs up until the ground is frozen.

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