WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – For those who had plans to visit Florida this week, Hurricane Ian will likely force you to reschedule. Under normal circumstances, Bradley International Airport offers multiple direct flights to Florida, but due to the storm, many of those flights have been canceled.

Flights that were scheduled to depart for the Sunshine State, landing in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, were all canceled Wednesday. Most arrivals to Bradley, however, are on-time, with the exception of a flight planned from Tampa, as the Tampa International Airport shut down Tuesday at 5:00 P.M.

Orlando International Airport is set to close at 10:30 Wednesday morning.

22News spoke with the Wannamaker family of St. Augustine, Florida on Tuesday. The family had just arrived at Bradley from Orlando and said they were relieved to be visiting New England this week.

“We left just in time, so yesterday we were in Orlando, so I feel like we were getting kind of the winds and the outer bands of the storm,” Emily Wannamaker said.

“And traffic was just starting to pick up from like the south, South Florida especially, into the Orlando area,” added Hunter Wannamaker.

Many airlines are waiving fees to reschedule as the storm looms, so if you can do so, delay your trip.

AAA says a travel agent can help you reschedule. If you have travel insurance you’ll be covered if you have to cancel or adjust your plans. The agency also advises buying it before a storm is named.

Also, make sure you’re signed up for alerts with your airline, cruise, or resort, and check their websites and your flight information regularly.

While almost every flight at Bradley bound for Florida is canceled Wednesday, as of 5:30 Wednesday morning, a 4:30 P.M. flight to Miami was still on schedule. That could, of course, change between now and then.